How are Apostrophe medications different from generics?

We believe Apostrophe medications are better than their generic counterparts for a few reasons. 

Niacinamide is added to many of our formulations because of its versatility and proven efficacy against common skin concerns such as inflammation, skin discoloration, and sun-damage. 

In contrast to generic medicines, special attention was also paid to the vehicle in which the medications are delivered, since this plays a significant role in a medicine’s overall efficacy. Apostrophe medications are delivered in moisturizing creams or lotions that are cosmetically elegant and serve to minimize skin irritation. Importantly, certain inactive ingredients were deliberately excluded. Apostrophe medications avoid fragrances, alcohol, dyes, unnecessary plant extracts, and certain allergenic preservatives. When generic medicines are prescribed, the exact inactive ingredients are unknown by the prescriber and can be variable. 

At Apostrophe, all active and inactive ingredients have been carefully considered, which is why we believe they are better than their generic counterparts.