I’ve been using my treatment plan for a few weeks but my acne has not improved yet. What should I do?

Acne treatment truly is a skin journey. Acne treatments take time to work. While minimal improvement may be noted in the first 2 months of treatment, results really start to kick in during the third month of treatment and beyond. While those with milder acne may experience rapid improvement, moderate-to-severe acne typically takes about 6-9 months (or longer) to clear.

Acne medications work best in combination. Topical medications are the cornerstone of acne treatment. If your provider has recommended a topical medication which you haven’t started, you will likely experience suboptimal improvement.

We encourage you to keep up with your treatment plan and be as consistent as possible. If you don’t see any improvement after two months, you can submit a follow-up visit with your dermatology provider at any time. As a reminder, any visit costs are applied to future prescription orders.